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The tangible operational results achieved from the EXCELLERATE Program far exceed both the initial investment in the project as well as the benefits of similar type initiatives, with the majority of EXCELLERATE engagements achieving a return on investment prior to implementation completion. As this is a comprehensive effort across several performance management services, recent client facilities being managed on CONTINUUM's EXCELLERATE Program have achieved an initial productivity improvement between 21%-72%. Furthermore, the continued engagement and program management by the CONTINUUM team supported additional and sustainable productivity improvements between 26%-114%.


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While most improvement initiatives require implementation to be complete to begin realizing savings, the EXCELLERATE Program is unique as significant benefits are realized and expected during the course of installation, magnified after go-live, and sustained through proper support and management of the program. While specific component services all add value to the overall initiative, the synergistic effect of them being executed in parallel with each other compounds and solidifies the improvements for the client while on-going support ensures repeatable results and sustainable program success. Keep in mind that productivity improvements of this magnitude drive a myriad of other transformational organizational benefits such as expanded throughput capacity, achieved service level goals, enhanced quality, and improved employee retention.


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