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When we examine how productivity improvements from the EXCELLERATE Program drive corresponding Cost per Unit savings, clients have achieved a corresponding 18%-42% Cost per Unit reduction by the time project installation was completed (typically in 3-7 months) and improved to a 20%-53% reduction in Cost per Unit through continued CONTINUUM program management.


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The EXCELLERATE Program can not only deliver these types of results for your company, but also provide a vision on what true performance is and what is achievable at 100% goal levels for individuals, facilities and networks. This initiative generates maximum results for clients independent of facility size, operational complexity, industry type and geographic location; as it is focused on quantifying the capabilities, thresholds and goal levels of an operation, gaining alignment from leadership, generating accountability around efficiency metrics and supporting the transition to a performance-focused culture. Whether a company is able to achieve previous order volume with smaller employee headcounts, capable of absorbing company growth needs with current labor costs or having the capability to efficiently manage both labor and volume effectively based on the dynamic nature of the world today; the EXCELLERATE Program will provide the foundation and framework for immediate and sustainable success.


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