Continuum's Project Management Services are designed to support clients with managing major change within their distribution and manufacturing operations. Leveraging a PMO consulting resource allows the business to stay focused on meeting order-fulfillment, productivity, throughput and quality goals while major initiatives are led to successful implementations.

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While Continuum's experience in identifying and implementing continuous improvement initiatives is extensive, building a framework and culture within organizations to internally pinpoint, validate install and manage Continuous Improvement initiatives provides lasting benefit. Continuum will help to create a CI structure, build the necessary internal team, provide PMO support to manage the program and transition leadership to the client once an improvement culture has solidified. These engagements not only drive significant improvement across the operations but installs internal capability to manage future client improvements.

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Operational processes and systems are constantly challenged with opportunities for change, which need to be evaluated prior to implementation to determine overall impact, effort and benefit to organizations. Left unmanaged, operational efficiency of organizations deteriorates due to lack of change control and adoption of process and system modifications that do not result in net improvement across the manufacturing or distribution environment. Continuum specializes in designing and implementing change control management, processes and plans to ensure future improvements deliver the desired positive impact for clients.

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Warehouse Management System providers know how to configure their products based on client requirements; but designing the future state processes for the longevity of the WMS and managing the configuration and installation of the system is where Continuum adds value. Installing a new WMS is not just about replacing a system but advancing your business capabilities. Continuum will learn the current business needs and operational processes, identify and select a WMS solution best suited for the company, and manage the design so that customer service requirements, operational process flow and system configuration are aligned.

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Labor Management Systems can be configured in many ways, so choosing the right provider and customizing the solution for actionable, operational reporting is critical to the success of LM Programs. Out team has been managing the implementation and configuration of LMS programs since the days when data entry Associates were manually keying in daily production data. Today, integration between WMS and LMS software is critical and generating reporting suites to drive operational labor savings is key. Continuum is here to identify cost effective LMS solutions designed to deliver the greatest benefit to a client's operational leaders. 

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When companies need to install new operations to meet operational demands or changing client service requirements, having professionals there to design, plan, implement and launch operations accounting for people, process, systems and MHE components is critical in success. Continuum manages New Operation Launch initiatives for clients who want a return on their investment and need to achieve operational efficiency so the project meets expectations. Our extensive operational knowledge and implementation capabilities will ensure the new operation meets the needs of the business. 

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Launching a new facility is an exciting time for a business, but it can also be challenging expanding the network while continuing to meet current operational demands. From launching greenfield construction facilities to fulfilling the first order through the new site, Continuum can project manage Facility Start-Up engagements and let our clients run their business while we ensure their expansion projects meet budget, schedule and design expectations.

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