See how CONTINUUM delivered significant facility-wide productivity improvement through Labor and
Performance Management Initiatives for clients across North America

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Project Data

Clients: Several Global Distributors specializing in Footwear, Food, Apparel, Sporting Goods, and Consumer Products

Location: Seven Facilities across North America

Timeframe: Three to Seven Month Project Implementations

Key Project Factors: Opportunity to provide Operational Leadership with highly accurate employee performance, labor utilization and facility efficiency reporting supported effective labor management decision-making.


The Challenge


Several CONTINUUM Clients were experiencing similar challenges supporting operational leadership with accurate information around individual, department and facility performance, labor utilization rates and overall operational efficiency. Lack of critical information for planning, staffing and goal setting kept leadership from optimizing productivity and throughput of the distribution networks. With labor availability and high turnover rates compounding the client’s ability to meet order fulfillment goals, Continuum was asked to implement an effective Labor and Performance Management program to drive productivity improvement across each of these client’s distribution facilities.


The Approach


CONTINUUM leveraged our proprietary Labor and Performance Management techniques to effectively measure performance, construct operational metrics reporting, implement staff planning and budgeting tools and correctly manage facility labor for each of these clients across all productive operations. As every project requires a custom approach to ensure business needs are achieved for each client, an effective mixture of systems, process, standard and change management initiatives were leveraged to drive facilities to maximum efficiency and output levels. Ensuring that the client was capable of managing the program was critical to the overall success of the projects once the implementation was completed.


The Results


Each client achieved significant productivity improvement and maximized their operational efficiency potential during the engagements. Productivity Improvement ranged from 21% to 72% with a median improvement of 61% during the project implementation; meaning that the results were achieved during the project not once the project timeline was completed. Properly implemented, Labor and Performance Management Projects should deliver results through implementation to maximize the benefits and savings for clients. As a result, these clients were able to achieve the productivity benefits and associated savings while seeing simultaneous improvements in OTIF, outbound quality, and internal operational accuracy.


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