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Continuum's mission is to deliver on the crucial supply chain needs and project expectations of our customers. Increased productivity, improved throughput, streamlined order-fulfillment and effective cost management are fundamental for successful businesses; and Continuum wants to help optimize your labor, processes and systems. We understand clients have both internal and external options when looking to address immediate and future challenges in their supply chain. Continuum is focused on delivering projects that our clients need done right, on time and are vital from a return on investment standpoint. We are committed to creating lasting change and unmatched value through our client engagements; providing the service and results our clients need for effective supply chain solutions, rapid growth and long term success.

James K. Lyons
President / CEO

Executive Consultant

Jim Lyons started Continuum in 2004 to provide high-value consulting and implementation services for clients across North America. Over his career, he has implemented critical solutions, generated sustainable savings and guided executives and industry leaders at major clients including QVC, Pfizer, Nike, ABB Group, Crocs, Avon Products, Vention Medical, Johnson & Johnson, B. Braun Medical, Saint Gobain, Big Rock Sports & more. He has operated on both the consulting and direct supply chain side, having experience as Vice President of Operations for an International Sporting Goods Wholesaler & Distributer; and has two decades of management and supply chain consulting experience in consumer products, retail, phamaceutical and biotech industries. With extensive knowledge in operations, labor management, supply chain, inventory control, design strategy and performance management, Jim and his company have a track record of exceeding expectations and delivering results for major companies while providing positive end-to-end transformation solutions for his clients. He has focused his direct efforts delivering impactful, cost-effective labor, process and system solutions for Fortune 500 companies designed to return project investment to clients over the course of the engagement.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from Cornell University

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